Late Night Moonglade!

Wednesday, August 10th,

I am parked at that small body of water just east of the horde flightmaster with Nightfinsnap catching Raw Nightfin Snappers with x145 of them in my bags at the moment, but I am going to lay down now, good night.

Couldn't Fall Asleep!

Monday, August 1st, 2022

So yesterday I edited my realmlist file and logged back onto RetroWoW as I felt more established there versus playing on Vanilla Plus. Now don't take this as me saying there was anything wrong with Vanilla Plus it's just like I said well established on RetroWoW. So right now it's 02:56 and I was having trouble getting to sleep due to the fact that my thoughts of my beautiful wife are difficult to pause, so I figured why just go fishing and so I am fishing with Oilyblackmou and then I'm going lay down and get some sleep.

More Harpies and Skills

Thursday, July 28th, 2022

So there I was level 23 still farming the harpies in The Dry Hills, but now that I obtained the Savory Deviate Delight recipe I am just farming more Linen and Wool cloth for my tailoring and first aid needs. As of right now my enchanting skill is 60, my tailoring skill it 107, first aid is at 80 and my fishing skill is 137 as of 2 day 1 hours /played . :)

Starting Again!

Sunday, July 24th, 2022

I have started playing on the Vanilla Plus server as it was recommended to me by a friend of mine. So right now I am Zuldria is level 12 and I am just farming linen cloth for my tailoring skill and disenchanting any items that are disenchantable but not an upgrade for Zuldria. :)

Later on I reached level 15 with 4 bars til 16 and I decided to say screw the quests, except I still had the quest to travel to the crossroads, so I made it to the crossroads and then decided I would head to The Dry Hills in northwestern corner of The Barrens and started to kill the harpies as my mission was to farm em til the recipe for Savory Deviate Delight drops and I am typing this while I wait for the "Witchwing Harpy"s that I had already killed respawn. Truth be told I made a mistake and ended up dying and that is why I am focusing specifically on the "Witchwing Harpys" as the roguefeathers just got annoying and killed me, but it's whatever.

Zuldria Returns!

Thursday July 22nd, 2022

So I got somethings tiddied up and now I am back at it fishing on RetroWoW and I ended up just fishing on Stonescaleel in Booty Bay just catching Stolescale Eels and conversing with a few friends.


Friday, July 1st, 2022

I am not currently playing with Zuldria, though I do think of her often. I am fine, but life gets complicated. For The Horde!

Somethings Got Removed!

Monday, May 16th, 2022

Yea, I realized that the youtube videos were causing the layout to horizonally scroll, so I simply removed them and there we go. :)

Some Kind of Modification

Tuesday, April 26th, 2022

Oops I done fucked something up, meh whatever.

Farming For Tailoring

Thursday, March 31st, 2022

I do not recall the exact date, but I do know that I was able to get Timbermaw Hold exalted and because of that I bought a few patterns that while I was not able to learn them at that moment I held hold onto them until now. My tailoring skill has been pretty much frozen for several months, but eventually I got tired of wearing grey shoulders knowing that if I just put some effort into it I could max my tailoring skill and that is what I have pretty much been doing all day. I eventually got my tailoring skill to 290 and that was when my attention looking into the locations of where Living Essence and Essence of Earth dropped and so I when I started farming Tar Lords and others like that right out side of Marshall's Refuge and after about 30 minutes I have all that I needed to craft the belt Wisdom of the Timbermaw though I was not finished as I still needed to farm five Essence of Earth, so I fly to Silithus and basically wanded down several earth elementals. The Patient Priest for the win! :)

Tired as Hell!

Monday, March 14th, 2022

So at moment it is now 02:19 EST and I am tired as hell as the title says. I have Oilyblackmou busy catching Oily Blackmouth along the Wild Shores of Stranglethorn Vale and in doing so I will now be putting a limit on how many fish I will be catching as these orders are getting rediculasly out of hand and I am not interested in waking up to fish for literally 99% of my day. So I will comeplete the orders I have and then I will be typing up an new system for how I will be taking orders. :)

Oilyblackmou, First Place

Sunday, February 20th, 2022

This morning I started out fishing with Oilyblackmou and ended up catching 40 Speckled Tastyfish which I then turned in to get the Arcanite Fishing Pole. She stays busy satisfying orders for Oily Blackmouth. :)

Grats Oilyblackmou!

Wednesday. February 16th, 2022

Oilyblackmou is just another one of my ladies that I go fishing with and she does a great job of making coin. Zuldria aside Oilyblackmou is my favorite lady to fish with.

Fishing For Stonescale Eels

Friday, February 4th, 2022

Today I decided that I would go ahead and do the Artisan fishing quest for Stonescaleel. It's a piece of cake for me now considering how many times I have done it, but yea! I just wanted to report that. Next up, Oilblackmou!

Stonescaleel would go on to take first place of the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza taking both the Arcanite Fishing Pole and the Hook of the Master Angler., but not hat or boots. She'll be fine with what she has for now.

Her Enchanting Skill

Friday, January 28th, 2022

Today I finally got my enchanting skill to 300 with some assistance from Fluffeh!

Congratulations Deviatefish!

Sunday, January 23rd, 2022

This morning around 06:30 I decided to visit Nat Pagle to acquire the quest to obtain the artisan fishing skill , so she traveled to the four locations

So 14:00(server time) and Deviatefish just happened to be in Booty Bay, but she was only as 240 fishing skill so I figured I might as well participate in the STV Fishing tournament and to make a long story short I did not come in first place, but I was able to get the Arcanite fishing Pole, and it is my opinion that I got the fishing pole so my mission was a huge won!


Saturday, January 22nd, 2022

So it is 12:42am and I am tired as hell, but yay it's the weekend so I am taking today and tomorrow off.

To All My Customers

Wednesday, January 5th, 2022

I am very sorry for being absent in your mailbox with the specific fish you ordered from me, but trust me in a few days all of you will notice me in your mailbox again. However I am focus farming each and every fish that I have listed on My Prices" list. However the more expensive ones on the list will take me a little bit longer to collect, but my word is my bond.

By the way when I was farming Raw Nightfin Snappers I was also catching Raw Sunscale Salmon, so I did a little research and I saw where I could profit with them, so I added them to My Prices". :)

Productive Fishing Session

Sunday, January 2nd 2022

Yesterday I had been fishing to train Nightfinsnap's fishing skill, but I didn't reach 300 and I ended up crashing before I could get her fishing skill maxed. However this morning she did just that during the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. She ended up catching Keefer's Angelfish, Brownell's Blue Striped Racer, and 40x Speckled Tastyfish so in short she got the Lucky Fishing Hat, Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' boots, and the Arcanite Fishing Pole. So she did a great job and her efforts were rewarded quite nicely.

Happy New Years!

Saturday, January 1st, 2022

Mkay so grats we made it to the year 2022.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 25th, 2021

Meh I honestly don't care if it offends you, Merry Christmas, Everyone. Be safe and have a great one!

Training My Girls

Friday, December 24rd, 2021

Mkay so I have a few Troll Priests that all are specs then same and all have fishing and each of these characters are destine to basically catch the fish they are names after. Example being "Nightfinsnap" and she is the newest to be fishing and so I am fishing in The Barrens catching Deviate Fish just to acquire more skill in fishing and why I chose The Barrens? well Deviate Fish are one of the most requested fish that I am delivering to those that are requesting it, ofcourse they are playing for the stacks of them that I send, but Deviate Fish is the cheapest fish that I offer, so why not skill up my team members while catching Deviate Fish? I already said why and if they request for them to be cooked Savory Deviate Delight stacks are the same price as the Deviate Fish. :)

Let's get one thing straight, I am not circling The Barrens fishing up all of the schools of Deviate Fish, I will just run to the location of a school, park, and just continuously fish. Most of the time I am catching Deviate Fish on another Troll Priest named "Deviatefish".

My team of fishermen include Stonescaleel, Oilyblackmou, Firefinsnapp, Deviatefish, Wintersquid, and Nightfinsnap. I do not stay fishing one specific character as that gets rather boring or my bags are full of the fish.

Okay so that is pretty much what I do. I fish almost constantly and I make a decent amount of coin each and every day, but I am no longer posting auctions as I honestly dislike the auction house and those those taking a cut of my profit, no fuckin thank you. :)

I Should Take Some Time Off

Friday, December 17th, 2021

Just to let everybody know, I will not be filling orders on Saturdays and Sundays, but you may still submit orders via mail as I have already talked about in the past.

So I Received a Request

Saturday, December 11th, 2021

So my good friend, "Fluffeh ", requested I catch him a stack or two of Raw Nightfin Snapper, and before even doing any research on the fish, I buffed my fishing rod with an Aquadynamic Fish Attractor that "Fluffeh" had made for me and got to fishing in Winterspring. The lure can in very handy, but the process of collecting a full stack is more time consuming than the Winter Squid stacks are that I have collected. Now I am fine with it taking a little longer, but I find it annoying how I have to rebuff my pole every 5 minutes and I have tried to write a macro that will handle that, but so far I have not succeeded. Perhaps you can help me write this macro? I will pay a large amount for a working macro, so if you can write me one, please let me know and we can discuss a suitable payment and if Supermacro addon would be required that is fine, I have that addon enabled already. :)

Just to update anyone that does not pay attention to my prices page, I have added Nightfin Snapper prices and also added that my prices may be changing, but at the moment I do not seeing that happening any time soon.

Some Kind of Progress!

Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Today I have added Winter Squid to the list of fish I will now be selling. I'd like to give credit to Fluffeh for suggesting I fish and stack em. :) and has been added to the list of prices.

Enchants Increasing

Wednesday, November 24th, 2021

Lately I have not been fishing much as I have been more focused on obtaining the formula for Crusader and +fishing on gloves. I enjoyed the farm for the crusader formula as it was a lot easier than what I had read about, not gonna complain. Now all I need to do is focus more on gaining skill levels and then I will continue to do my fishing routes as usual.

I decided that I would drop herbalism and learn tailoring all over again. I decided to do this as I would like to craft all of my bankers each an outfit of there own, but at the moment my plan is just to dress em all like fisherman, so basically dress them just like Zuldria. :)

Bought Time!

Friday, November 12th, 2021

So I added a simple page that lists what I am charging for some of my more requested fish. More will be added in the future I am sure, but anyway have a great evening and be safe!

Focused On Fishing

Sunday, October 17th, 2021

Well Today is sunday so I did my usual of waking up early and I participated in the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza but I went with two goals in mind and neither of them were successfully completed, but that just leaves me with something to do next sunday.

However, after the Extravaganza was over I ended up staying in Booty Bay and fishing. For those of you that don't know that I have toons that are specifically named for the fish that they hold onto like that are each a bank for a that fish and I will list them out as Stonescaleel(I am aware of the typo), Firefinsnapp, Oilyblackmou, and Deviatefish. I do not auction from these characters, all they do is hold them until someone may name them at which case the price of each is based on whether or not you are in the named guild as I am in. That is all I care to say fur tonight as I would like to lay down and get some sleep so that I can wake up in time to wake my son up and get him on the the school bus, oh yay!

That Was Nice of You!

Sunday, October 3rd, 2021

So there I was farming Firegut Ogre Mage for a Black Diamond in The Burning Steppes as I am trying to get the Libram of Constitution enchant for my Lucky Fishing Hat. As of right now I have the four Night Dragon's Breaths, but I still need to obtain the Libram, Black Diamond, and Lung Juice Cocktail. This is actually the very first time I have bothered to do this quest and I am enjoying the farm.

While I was farming though I got a whisper from Pyramidhead and this is the first time I had ever actually talked with him, how ever I have seen the name when he would log in or out and everytime my mind was drawing out what this would actually look like. I figured it was just some kind helmet or hair style, but today my curiousity was resolved when I finally got to meet him as he offered me Master's Hat of the Owl and I love it. and figured I could wear that with some kind of outfit that I could piece together. So he brought it to me where I was farming and I insisted he allow me to atleast tip him for bringing it to me rather than me meet up with him in Hyjal and when I asked him how much he wanted for it he was more interested in just giving it to me. So Mr. Pyramidhead, thank you! After he gave me the hat, I asked if I could take a screenshot with him and he had no problem with that and then we just conversed for a few minutes and then we got back to what we were doing prior to handoff of my new hat. so there ya go! A new friend and a friendly guildmate. :)

They Love Me In That Tunnel!

Thursdays, September 30th, 2021

So there I was killing furbolgs in Felwood. My mission is to become exalted with Timbermaw Hold and at the moment I am 4960 of 21000 revered. I am finding this alot easier than I originally imagined., just a simple Power Word: Shield, Smite, Shadow Word: Pain, and then a few shots with my wand. :) I expect to be exalted later today. :)

In the end I ended up exalted and damn proud of it!

I Value This!

Sunday, September 19th, 2021

So my morning started out just like any other day, but logging in with mail I get a surprize., a post from Gagudada basically thanking me for my reasonable prices on my Savory Deviate Delight auctions and the reward he received for buying my product. He goes on to thank you for my business and that smile felt so fuckin' right!

I value feedback like this. It reminds me that I am having fun fishing and not abusing drugs can actually be really fun to do. Thank you, Mr. Gagudada that means a lot to me.

Trying Something Different!

Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

The other day Doggaa had randomly whispered me asking if I would be interested in a different location where I could fish and catch Deviate Fish with a better drop rate so I became interested so he invited me to a group and then led me to Azshara Crater. In getting here I was instantly reminded of when I had came here serveral months ago but just forgot the exact teleport option. I am here now and this post if being typed while I am fishing on my other monitor while also listening to a course on HTML5 and I am doing this just as a way to remind myself of what I already know. I would actually like to redesign this entire layout and once that is done I will begin writing the actual framework so that I can just post and have what I post saved to a database rather then opening up index.php and just editing that file as that is actually getting really annoying and I feel like I said that I was working on that already and I was, but I at this current time I can not provide you with an excuse as to why I haven't already got that finished, but erm "I like to fish." Yea that's the reason why.

Random Smiles to World

Monday, September 6th, 2021

Mkay so maybe you have sean me post ":)" to world chat, but I'm not smiling due to something that was posted in world chat that inspired me to smile. I am just smiling when ever I reached a goal I had set for myself earlier on that day and most of the time it was more than likely me smiling as I accquired 200x Deviate Fish.

Now let's go back to my post from Saturday where I said that I have not been recording any of my Deviate Fish auctions, but earlier today while I was not fishing but rather farming Light Feathers I had the idea "I should start recording those and basically keep that list seperate from my Savory Deviate Delight auctions and just basically record them as I have already been doing for the Delight auctions." So that is what I will now start doing.

And one more thing! Rewards will be sent out, but I will not commit to specific time in which rewards will be sent out, so if you bought 6 stacks, do yourself a favor and don't just park yourself waiting for your reward.

Mission Accomplished

Sunday, September 5th, 2021

This morning I went ahead and mailed out all of the rewards to players that purchased my Savory Deviate Delight auctions and now I go about my life in reality, Have a great day gang!

Seems Legit

Saturday, September 4th, 2021

Buy six of my Savory Deviate Delight auctions and I will mail you a stack at no charge and considering how I have been keeping track of all my customers minus a few that I made a mistake about I will be clearing this list by mailing those that I have already recorded that have met and/or pasted the six increment. In writing that I became kind of confused as I don't think I worded that correctly, but if you have any questions, just whisper me or dispatch a post via the mailbox and I will be more than happy to answer and and all questions you may have. Also by buying my Deviate Fish auctions these do not apply to this at all and if you would like to complain about this you be my guest, but thank you!

I Don't Need Much Gold

Monday, Auguest 30th , 2021

As of 01:25 EST I have dropped the prices of all of my Savory Deviate Delight and Deviate Fish by 300g. My only reason for this is I didn't want to be known as a pricey bitch.

To Be Continued!

Sunday, August 29th, 2021

So there is this player that I am still kind of curious about and while I did address my curiousity that conversation was cut short as my real life took priority and I logged off of wow, so a bit of time. However here is a picture of said "player" and I.

Granted I did post a picture with you in it, I did not mention you, but you should contact me so I can resolve a few things.

Scheduled Posts

Monday, August 23nd, 2021

This will be short and to the point. I would like to get into the habit of posting every Sunday and that is what I am going to be doing. Short and to the point, did I lie?

So You Want A Mention?

Sunday, August 15th, 2021

I am only posting this because I read via world chat that there are a few players on RetroWoW that would like to be mentioned so I hope to clear a few things up about that. Currently none of the players I have mentioned requested I mention them. It is all my idea and most of them don't know that I will be mentioning them until I start a conversation about taking a screenshot with them because they did something nice for me like assisting me with quests and/or buying a rather large amount of my Savory Deviate Delights.

But there are some that are mentioned purely because they are someone I would like to remember as I really enjoyed our conversations and/or they inspired me!

In the event you would like to be mentioned just simply look me up on the /who frame or just whisper me, but don't mention you are just there to earn a mention, just come at me and fish with me. You don't actually have to fish with me at all, you may just sit, stand, dance, what the hell ever you want to do. However spending time with me is not a one day thing. It's best to get standed by spending time with me, adding me to your friend list, and treat me as a friend. You'll know when you are getting close to being mentioned as I will start directing you so I may get a screenshot with you character with me.

If any of this is to hard for you to understand you may whisper me or mail me and I will do my best to clarify anything you didn't understand.

Some Kind of Tour

Friday, August 13th, 2021

So there I was fishing along the Wild Shore in Stranglethorn Vale and I notice "Visitor" coming at me from my left asking me if I would like for him to take me any where and I declined any trips at the moment, but I paused my fishing and asked him a few questions and he spilled all the details about the business he is working with by making use his magical prowers to take people to various locations. He shared with me how much he had made for far, so I just assumed her we relatively new to the server. I could be wrong, but that was not a question I thought to ask at the moment, but regardless he told me all of this different travel packages and traded me a note that listed locations and the price he would charge for each however not on the list was "The Full Teleport Package" for 5k. I figured screw the amount I want it. So he explained how he would mail me a trick that I am to turn over to him when I want this travel situation to take place. I'll update this after I have taken this "tour".

Some Kind of Barcode

Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

[4] [Barcodekillr]: when will i get mentioned on :(

With further conversation it turns out that I have been talking to a player that on another toon of his we actually had interesting conversations, but I don't really remember the conversations specifically I just remember the name "Younglord". Thank you sir for conversing and also remembering that I have proplems remembering things n stuff <3

My Unfortunate Idea

Sunday, Augest 1st, 2021

So earlier today I got to thinkin' "What if I could just stay on the dock in Booty Bay and have all I needed for when Mlet got online later.'' Well that did not work the way I wanted it to as when Mlet got on, I only had 88 Stonescale Eel, 73 Firefine Snappers, and 20 Oily Blackmouths and that is not the amount I am generally selling to Mlet. So when he just popped on I casted Levitate and ran around to start my usual route to just get these fish in my bags at the amount I wanted. There is no rush, but I would like to go ahead and get this out of the way, so here I go!

By the way! I dropped tailoring and picked up Herbalism. :)

Fishing Annoyances

Thursday, July 29th, 2021

Okay so this will be a short read, but I foresee that there will be more to add to this list, but for now any floating wreckage and/or garbage as they spawn where useful schools of fish also would spawn. It's just crap that is getting in my way. Anytime I see these spawn I will generally fish them out of the water and destroy the chests or boxes that were caught. I'm not complaining, I just deal with them and move along on my route.

A Deviate Idea

Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

Lately I have not been doing the kind of fishing I actually like to do. Now before I go any further I will not be discontinueing my fishing in Stranglethorn Vale as I like catching fish there as for one it adds weight to Zuldria's coin purse and two it also gives me a reason to talk with Mlet more as I do enjoy talking with fellow guildies.

Okay now to the point of this entry! I came to The Barrens to farm the harpies in the North Western corner to get my supply of Light Feathers back to where I had them and as I was farming I was thinking how I missed spending my time here in The Barrens just parked at The Stagnant Oasis fishing and catching Deviate Fish, and then I thought about how my auctions of Delights were being undercut. I didn't want to undercut anyone I just figured I would auction larger stacks at the same price. I wouldn't mind that at all. Okay so some players may not see what I am doing, but it's what ever. I will give it a try and see how that turns on.

I am to lazy right now to read back what I have already wrote but, I will not be discontinueing my fishing in Stranglethorn Vale for Mr. Mlet. His fish will come first and then I'll just take a ride on the boat and park at The Stagnant Oasis and fish for Deviates as I just park there and fishing is quite relaxing in my opinion.

It Was Stuck In My Head!

Sunday, July 4th, 2021

So the other day Mlet had randomly asked me when I would be posting an update to and before answering him I asked myself "When was the last time I did actually post something?" and I do believe I answered him explaining how I don't usually plan to have something to post. What ever I do post usually comes to mind at random while I am fishing or rewarding someone for purchasing a rather large amount of Savory Deviate Delights. Now my Savory Deviate Delights are selling at a decent rate and there is no need to complain about that at all though I do keep my stock of them on a bank with plenty of them. Now Mlet on the other hand has been purchasing my stacks of Oily Blackmouth, Stonescale Eel, and/or Firefin Snappers. and Mlet is always purchasing all three of those at 10 stacks of each and he is doing that when ever I bought to actually fish on my usual route in The Stranglethorn Vale. He is a returning customer that most of the time he is always asking me if I have these in stock and if I don't he will insist that he will contact me tomorrow and in my mind he is my best customer and I really value that! Most of the time I ask if he would be interested in the stacks of Stranglekelp that I get along the way of running my route and in my head I am thinking I will just let thim have them at no charge, but somethings we will post an amount and I just accept it as a donation which I really appreciate. While having done business with Mlet regularly that is a name that I don't seem to forget as fast as I do other players and if you know anything about me you know that my memory situation is rather poor, so Mlet not to make myself seem like a bad ass or anything like that, but you should feel honored.

Last Night Fishing

Monday, June 21st, 2021

Granted the posted date is Monday, this actually started on Sunday the 20th. Around 23:00 I took double the amount of Benadryl so that is basically 50mg of Diphenhydramine. I took this dose as I know from past experiences Benadryl's tolerance builds up and I have been taking it for a few nights to get to sleep because well I think to damn much when I am laying down to try to get to sleep, so I figured this would do the trick. The Benadryl did not do the trick and just laying there got boring so I got out of bed and sat at my computer hoping I tire myself out by fishing and it is now 05:18. I am currently fishing along the Wild Shores.

There was a moment when my attention to what I was typing said fuck you, but anyways! I am now running along the Southern Savage Coast heading north. By the way this is my second time in this gaming session that I have made this trip, once there is no shore to be ran on I hearth and do it all again. I am ending up with a nice amount of Oily Blackmouth, Firefin Snapper, and Stonescale Eel posted by the amount of them I have at the moment in descending order. I am also handling Lucky Dollar.

While I run along areas where there Bloodsail mobs are present I am killing them in hopes that another First Made's Hat will drop as I would like to get my bank toon "Warehouse" dressed like a pirate as well, though it isn't really to important would just be nice.

Passing The Business On

Thurday, June 10th, 2021

This is something I have been wanting to do for quite a while now, but made very little effort to actually get this into action...

So there I was fishing at The Stagnant Oasis when I noticed I was not alone and on this server having 2 players in The Barrens is quite unusual so I post in General chat and L answers and we end up talking about fishing Deviate Fish as that was apparently the reason he was there. So we talking for a little while about Deviate Fish and Savory Deviate Delights some how eventually joined the conversation, and because of the talk of the delights my auctions of Savory Deviate Delights then came into the converation and that was the point where my mind said nope i don't want to remember shit, but what I do remember is how I was trying to pass on my Savory Deviate Delight business on to him and he accepted so now he is the boss and cook of that company and I am the supplier. It was then agreed that he would drop the prices of the auctions and Kyse will be paying me 50% of what he is making to buy my deviate fish.

After that took place we spent some time taking screenshots and talking about IRL topics and got to know each other.

IRL Money While Fishing

Thursday, June 10th, 2021

As I am sure you already know, I like to fish and sale the fish I catch to just basically lather, rinse, and repeat. I have fun doing it, but that is not the entire routine about what's going on with me fishing and to explain this it might seem like I am going off track, but trust me it will all make sense in the end.

In the evening when I have just laid down on my bed and want to do something to occupy my mind while trying to work myself into a sleep, I will make sure my Android is plugged in and then I will launch Lucky Dollar. How this game works is it is basically like a scratch off ticket and repending on the result of the scratch you will be rewarded in coins which by the way when you install and launch it if you are asked for a code try "X808I0TF" and you will receive 10,000 coins free. For every 10,000,000 coins you may cash that out for 1 USD to your paypal account. Now there are ads that you will have to watch and that it where fishing comes in handy for me.

When I fish I cast and then immediately place my mouse cursor over the bobber and have my right hand ready to catch what ever fish it may be, but I am not watching I am only clicking because I hear the sound of a fish bitting my line. My left hand is doing all the opperating on my android. If this sounds difficult, it really isn't, though it may take you a few minutes to get used to it.

There are times when you will be rewards with actual legit currency for example at the moment I have $45.43 and that one takes forever it seams like to increase but you can not withdraw that until that reached $50.00 and that brings to mind the question of "Does this work in your country?" and my answer is "I have no fuckin clue", but it's not going to kill you to try it for yourself, who knows maybe you will make some easy money, but! if you are thinking this will be fast money, I'm sorry I didn't promise it would be fast. Hello, I am Zuldria, "The Patient Priest." If I have misled you, I appologize, that was not my intention, however if you are able to play it and cash out /grats.

Now I am sure there are other apps out there you can use instead of Lucky Dollar, but I know for a fact that this does pay out, but when you cash out that will take some patience, but I know for a fact that this one works and that is all have to say about all that. I hope the best for ya.

Thanks for the Smile

Thursday, June 3rd ,2021

My Wednesday was coming to an end so I figured I would post to the world channel to sale off the fish I had caught, and I was elated when Mleet decided to reply to my ad about the fish I had caught. Allow me to give it to ya this way, when I logged on I had 160,000g and after doing business with Mleet I now have 169,990g. So I am pretty sure if I was actually keeping a record of how much I have made off of a single player Mleet just shot to the high end of that light. He is extremely nice and also helped me to better understand some of the other players in <sQuid season>, turns out I am actually kind of lost with how players have several other players in the guild that I never realized where the same people. Finding that out kind of fucked up how I will be interacting with other characters now, but I greatly appreciate him making me realize and because of that I have now created a new list of players and the alts, though that list is not complete, but that is not a problem, I just need to be more careful I guess.

Oh How Lovely

Sunday, May 30th, 2021

Last night I had caught 6 stacks of Oily Blackmouth, 6 stacks of Firefin Snappers, and 6 stacks of Stonescale Eel. I felt proud of myself so I had logged off for the evening.

This morning I talked with my usual partron, Annaduck that I was mailing stacks of Oily Blackmouth and he insisting I continued to mail all the stacks of Oily Blackmouth that I caught at the same price I was CoD'in them to him.

On a somewhat unrelated note as I was collecting mail from the auction house I totally forgot the record the names of all the buyers so literally everyone one that I have listed as buying a Savory Deviate Delight auction of mine was credited 3 purchases.

Why "The Patient Priest"?

Saturday, May 29th, 2021

Let's talk about how I became known as "The Patient Priest". The nickname I guess we could call it is actually not just relating to the actual priest Zuldria, but rather me in real life. Zuldria got the nickname after going from lvl 1 to lvl 80 on a 3.3.5 server using just Power Word: Shield, Shadow Word: Pain, Flash Heal, and a wand. The specific wand doesn't really matter, but I enjoyed the hell outta leveling Zuldria up Discipline and solo and players were realizing and following along with my progress and would eventual say "You are one hell of a Patient Priest." and so it stick along with a smile on my face.

Let's not forget all the fishing I do in game, I am aware that IRL fishing can take even longer, but in Wow if you are in a rush you may hate fishing, but it is not as bad as IRL fishing, but I like to fish in World of Warcraft as it is something that I can do while not having to depend on others and the fact that I play on RetroWoW I am thankful that I can fish alone, because RetroWoW is some kind of Toxic

The Screenshot!

Tuesday, 25th, 2021

So Waldin whispered me mentioning the mail I had sent him and so I replied and he mentioned the screenshot I was wanting, so I hearthed to Booty Bay and got on boot to take me to The Barrens. He ended up in Warsong Gulch so I figured since I am already hear I might as well fish. So I circulsed the schools twice and then ended up parking at The Stagnant Oasis and there I fished. I cast into the water, but I didn't hear the sound effect of my casting, but instead it was him dismounting behind me. So we began to chat and he fired some questions at me regarding fishing which I was more than happy to answer and questions about my fishing as my only source of income. I don't remember all of which he asked me, but what I did learn is he is a really nice guy and that's that shit I like!

For some reason I was having some trouble having the screenshot actually appear on here and I just figured I was making a few mistakes and yes I was, but I'm The Patient Priest so a stuck through the annoyance of the thought that he would be upset or something like that, but that was just me letting my mind drift. I got the screenshot though and it is displayed as I wanted it to be. Dear Mr. Waldin, thank you for paying my bills! I am sure my mind with have fun with you as I lay in my bed, watching Home Movies, and um, I would continue , but I am actually rather tired. kthxbye!

A Frequent Customer

Monday, May 24th ,2021

I love how I read the system posts on my chat that several of my Savory Deviate Delight auctions have sold and it all turns out to be the same player as it has been for a few days now and I recently rewarded him for reaching the amount that I had set to reward and upon rewarding him to other day he replied telling me how he checked out Earlier today he bought 7 of my auctions and I sent him mail via the mailbox requesting we meet up so I may acquire a screenshot of him and Zuldria together. The player I speak of is Waldin.

That's Always Nice

Saturday, May 15th, 2021

So I have not been playing much today as my grama had called for my son and I to come assist her with some yard work and all that involved was basically spreading muchle around areas in her front yard, was rather simple. In return she took us all out to eat at the Olive Garden which was quite nice.

Upon returning home I logged into WoW to be met with a whisper from Catprincess looking to purchase 10 stacks of my Savory Deviate Delights. Due to the fact that she was in the same guild as I am I thought to charge my starting bid price which is 400g and bam! 4000g easily made as all I had to do was check my bank and I knew for a fact that I had that! So basically I logged in to be met with 4000g, I like how that worked out. I don't wanna play anymore today.

So there I was

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

Just doing my usual fishing while reading what ever gets posted to world chat and guild chat. Honestly I prefer guild chat as world chat is some kind of toxic while guild chat is more informative and that's that shit I like! However sometimes world chat can be kind of funny and being as I am not having to watch anything like television or any other screen on my pcs I am fine with that.

Today though as been rather unsocialable, but I wanted to do something that is not my typical fishing, so I decided since my stock of Light Feathers was getting low I got on the boat and headed for The Barrens where I then fished up all the schools of Deviate Fish all the way to the north west corner of The Barrens to kill me some Harpies and that I just did and finished as well as obtaining a few stacks of Wool Cloth and a pair of pains that I will hold on to just incase I can use them in a future outfit.

Developing Something New

Sunday, May 9th, 2021

So I know for a fact that I have mentioned Mr 21, he is quite helpful and I unloaded a large portion of my wallet on him so he could acquire his t3 peices. I was not forced to do that for him, I just figured "hey I have all this gold, but I have no intentions to spend it on anything, also it was getting rather annoying that I could not gain any more gold as I was at max gold, but I did not want to stop posting auctions as that is something I enjoy doing with the fish I catch, rarely am I eating my own fish as I have the pirate outfit and I am not interested in the ninja costume.

So for the pasted few days I have been fishing in Booty Bay collecting Stonescale Eels and Firefin Snappers to then posting them on the auction house as well as the Savory Deviate Delights that I have built a rather large stock of and already my wallet becomes thicker and I am enjoying that.

In Search of Friends

Thursday, Apirl 29th, 2021

So yesterday in world chat I posted that I was looking for friends. Yes I love fishing, but sometimes I get quite bored. So i figured I need to make some new friends. My post was "LF Friends PST and introduce yourself to me. Let's chat? Yes please. I am The Patient Priest." A few players whispered me, but only one could hang on to my rambling, so promps to Eryc. Him and I spent a while just swapping facts about our selves and other that things we thought the should know and just sharing jokes together.

Eryc came and met me at The Stagnant Oasis and he came prepared to fish and fish we did! It wasn't a contest, but in my head it was, I won one new friend. :)

Eryc and I have meet before this I think in regards to a recipe which drops in The Barrens as well as other zones I do believe, but anyways! I do not think we had a long sit down and chat type of situation.

I am currently fishing at The Stagnant Oasis waiting for him to log in and we continue where we left off, but I don't remember where we left off. =\

Just Trying To Be Helpful

Thursday, April 15th, 2021

Today started out kind of unusual. My alarm didn't wake me up and I am going to assume that was because I took a rather large dose of diphenhydramine, so I wasn't awake to wake my son up, but my father stood at the bottom of the stairs and was yelling for us to get up. Braxton and I got up and we both went down stairs and I got him started on some breakfast.

As I was getting my son some breakfast I began thinking about mays I could spend the coins I was making from my Savory Deviate Delight auctions and a few ideas came to mind, but I decided to continue that line of thinking while I was actually in game. So I logged on and I started to do my typical fishing route in The Barrens and my train of thought took me back to when I first created a priest and named her Zuldria. The first of my goals was ti acquire the Loremaster title, farn the Savory Deviate Delight recipe, and just help players as best I could. So as I fish I do read the toxic junk that appears on the World channel and I read someone wanted to sell the Spirit of Zandalar buff and was asking 3k, and then I read about someone selling the Onyxia buff in Orgrimmar, So I said to myself why not buy this also and so I did, but that is not where the selling of world buffs ended. I ended up buying Rend's buff and in total I spent 10k for my Horde family. So I felt after letting everyone know. Along with telling them I was the one that brought all the buffs for them, I let them know that buying my Savory Deviate Delight auctions does have it's own reward for returning customers.

My mission was basically to promote my small business and increase my sales as the more I make the more buffs I can purchase for the horde citizens. :)

Happy Birthday, Braxton!

Sunday, April 11th, 2021

Fifteen years ago I became a mother of a beautiful baby boy that I named after his father, Braxton Roy! Today is Braxton's fifteenth birthday! :) Braxton is quite smart and does a great job of making me feel dumb when he notices that I have made an error in spelling and math.

Honestly Though

Saturday, March 27th, 2021

Does this outfit make Zuldria look fat?

My Deviate Auctions!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

If ya don't know, I sale auctions of Deviate Fish and Savory Deviate Delight. I also keep track of every player that purchases these auctions and I keep record of how many stacks and eventually a player will reach I specific amount that I am I not interested in providing the number the player must reach. When a player reached that set amount I will dispatch three stacks of Savory Deviate Delight/Deviate Fish on the house and also make a note that they were rewards x number of times.

Repairing Steamwheedle

Monday, March 22nd, 2021

Okay so I ruined all my reputation with the Steamwheedle Cartel and being on RetroWoW that caused me a few issues and when I discovered how my deads ruined my reputation even going to Hyjal masket sucked as RetroWoW guards are factioned under Booty Bay, so even going to the mall got me killed a ton of times and I thought to myself "Maybe I should move on to a different server. I would eventually search Google for ways to repair the reputations and luckily they are quite easy. All i would need to do is collect different cloth and that is fairly easy. I had been sending tons of silk to one of my bank characters and they made repairing the Booty Bay reputation a piece of cake. So I imagine the other three reputations should me fairly simple, but In me saying that I imagine I just umm cursed the situation, but what ever! Also I has a massive sad as my good friend Mr. 21 says he won't be on for awhile. I hope everything is alright with him and his life. He will be missed for sure.

Some Kind of Pirate

Saturday, March 20th, 2021

So yesterday my new friend Mr. 21 suggested we just farm the Bloodsail Buccaneer reputation and then do the quest line that leads to me being rewarded with several item's for the pirate outfit I was going for. We actually started the farm yesterday, but I had to pause our progress as I needed to be getting to bed so I could wake up early to go and help Grama with a few things. We eventually continued the farm today and allow me to just get to the point, We did the quests that led to me getting the Bloodsail Shirt, Bloodsail Boots, Bloodsail Pants, Bloodsail Sash, and Bloodsail Admiral's Hat. I like the outfit, but I an not the biggest fan of the Admiral's hat, I actually preffer the First Mate's Hat better. :) Thank you Mr. 21 you are a kind soul and a gentleman. /hug

My Friend Sofia <3

Monday, March 15th, 2021

I first met Sofia as Taxonomies as I would generally stay parked dancing on top of the mail box at The Crossroads in The Barrens. She was parked at that moment kinda close to the flightmaster and she spoke to me giving me props for making sure everyone that came by me I would buff them with Power Word: Fortitude and topped off their HP and we went on to start a conversation about why I was there and that was of course I enjoy hanging out in The Barrens as that place is where I would fish up Deviate Fish that I would eventually cook into Savory Deviate Delights and put them up on the auction house or just put them on the auction house uncooked as Deviate Fish are needed for other things besides just make Savory Deviate Delight, but I was not an alchemist.

She would eventually go on to tell me she is not on Warmane by her self as she also had a few other friends that played there as well. She would eventually introduce me to her group of friends and I made them my priority to assist them with running dungeons and/or just doing quests, but the only one that really stuck to me was Sofia and I am not complaining about that. Her and I would go on to have conversations between each other and eventually establish a connection via Discord and that is where over time and through many conversations I began to fall in love with that woman. She is a very beautiful and quite smart woman and I like that and the fact she doesn't seem to judge me or get ill at me for posting photos of me nakie to her.

Sofia makes me feel special and I hope I am reciprocating that feel towards her correctly, but anyways! I love you, Sofi!

The artwork above is some of Sofia's talent and I really enjoy it. I use it as a wallpaper on all my monitors. :)

Midnight Farming

Monday, March 15th, 2021

So I still have yet to acquire the Buccaneer's Boots and the Buccaneer's Pants, but if you know me, I am sure you know how determined I can be when I comes to farming. I may take breaks or come back to it the next day, but the farm will always be something I like to do.

Just an FYI this post may be a lot of me rambling about random things and that is okay, I am just treating this like I am chatting with Sofia and she is asleep at the moment, actually there's an idea! If you scroll down to the post I made on Wednesday, July 22nd 2020 you will see Taxonomies, that is my good friend Sofia and our other friends I met them in game on Warmane and I don't recall which year that was. Anyways, I wanted to talk about Sofia! though I can't play there at the moment. her and I chat what seems like every day on discord about just any and everything that comes to mind and she has a special place in my heart.

By the way the player I had farmed 200 Deviate fish for paid me so that is quite nice I suppose. There was a moment yesterday when I thought I had made those Deviate fish to the wrong person so in the time that I waited to hear back from him via me calling him out in World chat I was busy farming more Deviate fish just incase I sent them to some player that would refuse to return them, but he got them and I farmed my Deviate Fish whish I will just be posting them up on the auction house. Earlier though, because I have't posted them up yet, but anways I thought that maybe I should post this stack of 200 deviate fish at the same price that Cosh paid me, but on the auction house.

And another thought relating to the recent modifying of the dates, I thought why am I not including the time. I have no way to figure that out though, so I am just going to leave that alone.

Dates Modified To My Liking

Sunday, March 14th, 2021

Not that it was really a big deal to me, but I have been wanting to change how all the dates are modified so bam! I have adeed the name of the day for each date. Simple and easy to do.

Deviate Priority

Saturday, March 13th, 2021

So there I was just having bought the Onyxia buff for 2k and that isn't really a problem for me as everyone that showed up for the buff as well and anyways! I received a whisper asking me I was was saling deviate fish and I responded saying "Yup!" and the player was looking for a stack of 200 deviate fish, so I figured yea this is gonna be an easy 4000g So I went to my bank and grabbed a stack and rushed back to him by the way his name was "Cosh". So I dropped that stack on him to open up the trade and he put 4k like we had already agreed upon and bam! We traded, but a few minutes later he said he was actually looking for deviate fish not savory deviate fish, which was my mistake, so we basically returned the fish and gold back like we had never made the trade to begin with and I went on to tell him that I would go ahead and catch 200 deviate fish and he tells me just to mail with a CoD of 4k and/or try to get up with him in world chat. So at this very moment I am typing this post as I am running between schools of deviate fish currently at 23 deviate fish. :)

Later that same day!

So it took me a little bit, but I got a stack of 200 Deviate Fish and so I tried to see if he was online by calling him out in world chat, but there was no answer so I sent the stack with a CoD of 4000k gold. While I was fishing I pondered if I should include the cost of sending it which is only a few copper so I just said fuck it and sent with the agreed upon amount, but honestly I have been auctioning Deviate Fish at the same price as the Savory Deviate Delights which would return to me as 475 gold 12 c profit, but i only basically will be getting 400 gold which has been my starting bid for quite a while, but it's not much of a big deal.

Dress Like A Pirate!

Friday, March 12th, 2021

Well now that I have acquired the First Mate Hat, I am on the hunt to collect the rest of the of the items to have the best pirate out fit that I can gather and at this very moment I am camping Tharil'zun in the Redridge moments in hopes that he will drop the Buccaneer's Boots that would go perfect with this outfit, but for now it's just me killing him and then waiting fifteen minutes to kill him again, but until I have acquired the boots I will just end the post here.

Mkay so I camped said mob for a few hours and all I have to show for it is several tracks of wool cloth. Meh I'll come back to this tomorrow at some point, but for now! Good night!

First Mate Hat

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Prior to me leaving RetroWoW I had been putting a lot of time into farming the First Mate Hat with no luck aside from all the Silk and Mageweave Cloth that I was picking up along the way and IComeForYou was assisting me by doing more damage to groups of enemies to all the Bloodsail pirates outside of Booty Bay. Yesterday I finally got it after thinking to myself "Meh I give up! I am done with this!", but a Bloodsail Raider dropped it for me as I am just killing pirates to get through.

My Return to RetroWoW!

Monday March 8th, 2021

So while I wait to make some moneys for a new graphics card for the computer that my Grama gave me for christmas, I have returned to RetroWoW to continue fishing like I normally would do, but now I am just staying parked at the location of a Deviate school in The Stagnany Oasis. That is all for now.

An Unforeseen Situation

Friday, February 25th 2021

Okay so let me clear up something that I did not bother to mention earlier about the computer my Grama gave me. It was not brand new, but was just new to me only because I didn't already own it, it was actually my Grama's computer and I had requested she leave it to me in her will, but she just ended up getting a new laptop to serve in place of this computer so she went ahead and passed it on to me. I got Wrath of the Lich King installed only to then notice it had a few technical issues relating to the hardware on the inside and we all know how broke I am so for now I will continue to use the other computer to fish and the new computer I will use for my development of This was in no way me complaining, just me giving the folks that depended on me to basically farm fish for them a reason as to why I am not online selling my usual fish.

Possible Errors...

Monday, February 22nd, 2021

So I am starting my framework so I just would like to let you know if there are any messages posted at unusual locations, just know that is to be expected as I will be leaving messages to be echoed to help in the process.

Thank You!

Sunday, February 21st ,2021

So I have got myself a new computer courtesy of my grama for Christmas, thank you grama! So I no longer wish to play vanilla anymore and will be return to Warmane where my Zuldria was originally created and the friends I made and kept up with still to this day wanted me to come back. So my good friend Vanessa is going to allow me to use all her discs needed to get that all installed and bam! I get to return to playing with my friends. I am super excited.

Oh by the way, on RetroWoW I didn't have any problems and managed to make 103k while I was there and I don't remember if I posted about this, but while I was there I recorded all the players that bought my Savory Deviate Delight auctions and I gave the player with the highest auctions bought a stack of 200x Savory Deviate Delights. That is all for now.


Sunday, February 14th, 2021

Or at least that name appeared on world chat every so often, but I originally misread the name and what I incorrectly read it as I won't be posting that here though if you know me use your imagination and chances are you are right. :)

He is quite easy to chat with very little misunderstandings and if I recall correctly he said I was "pretty". If never seems like our conversation went dry or lame and even though I was busy farming for the First Mate Hat right outside of Booty Bay. I was collecting stacks of silk cloth that he was they pay me for as he is using it all for engineering stuffs.

But hey! I am kinda tired so I'm good start the first season of Futurama and fall asleep to that. kThanksBye!

Slow And Steady

Friday, January 22nd, 2021

Yea so they sold alright, but not at really an increased rate, but I am alright with that. I will just continue the keep my auctions posted and for now I will be farming all the sorts of cloth as there seams to be some kind of demand for Mageweave cloth. That is all I have to report for today. Have a good one and be safe!

My Savory Deviate Auctions

Saturday, January 16th, 2021

So my Savory Deviate Delight auctions have now been rather slow to sell if any at all, so I came up with an idea that may increase my sales. Oh and just FYI I am not fishing just as way to make coin. I do this because I do infact enjoy fishing in WoW, but in life? fuck that. I have decided to post auctions of stacks of 30 rather then 20 as I have been saling them for same price thinking of it as a gift and this will kinda help me out because I have gotten to the point my bank is nearing full as hell. Meh its whatever.

Happy New Years!

Friday, January 1st 2021

Happy New Years my friends.

My Best Customer!

Wednesday, December 30th 2020

So I log in and notice the mail notification icon so I smile thinking to myself "Finally! My efforts to make more coin are paying off on the auction house." So I open the mailbox because the toon I use to auction my stacks these days is parked at the mailbox at the bank in Ironcity and read the new message sent from Methoxz and it read "You can CoD me stacks of 20 with a 400g each and Ill buy all you have or getting." and my smile grew larger. I can never seem to catch said player online sadly but I'm just gonna say Methoxz is my best customer and I am very grateful. :)

Happy Holidays

Friday, December 25th 2020

I honestly hate this time of year. That is all.

Family Favors

Monday, December 7th 2020

For the past couple of days I have been assisting my grama with various tasks such as collecting all the leaves in her yard into a single pill along the side of the street where the city would then come and remove them as well as collecting all of the sticks in the yard and breaking them down to fit in plastic container that the city would also empty for us. When lunch time came around she would treat me to a meal from where ever I named. True story my Grama is my best friend. That is all for now.

Noticed some errors

Thursday, December 3rd 2020

So it's now December! Happy Holidays! This page is literally the homepage on my browser and I have noticed some words that were misspelled and I am sure after posting this and saving it I will notice more errors in my spelling, but meh it's what ever.

Yay for Zuldria!

Monday, November 23rd 2020

I am excited to report that an idea that I have been bouncing around in my head for awhile has now become reality. This morning I checked my mail to read that I had been paid so I figured I'll spend some money while I have the chance, so I visited Namecheap and bought :) maybe you don't like it or could care less, but I like the fact that I have a TLD that I actually like and actually means something to me.

The Right Direction

Thrusday, November 19th 2020

So today started out with my usual fishing at The Forgotten Pools and things were turning out to be just fine and to my liking. My usual swippin on my phone to make some easy money was going quite nicely and I randomly decided to post a thread on the RetroWow forum introducting myself which in thinking back on it, I did a horrible job of introducing myself, but whatever! Someone read it and I'm going to assume that it was why I received a guild invite so and I was quite happy that I got an invite as it felt like I was the only one here as I wasn't having any social interaction. So anyways a member of the guild was "Antiglance" and they offered me some advice on how I could better sale my stacks of deviate fish on the auction house at a decent price. This brought a smile to my face as I felt like I was accepted back into the wow society. Maybe that sounds cheesy, but what ever! :)

A New Fishing Pole

Sunday November 15th 2020

I made a point to get to bed early last night so that I could wake up in time for the fishing tournament in Stranglethorn Vale and tada! I did just that and went on the win first place in the tournament which I can officially say I have done, though it's just a private server win so that's not really a big deal right? I got the nice Arcanite Fishing Pole out of it, so that's a cool story I suppose. I did not catch any of the fish that would reward me with the hat or boots, but that's not really a big deal to me. Lastly though enjoy a photo of my ugly UI just to display my first place win. :)

I am Playing On RetroWoW

Saturday November 14th 2020

So I dragged an older computer out for the storage room and got it set up and turns out it already had Wow installed but only at 1.12.1. I am fine with that and so I checked the realmlist and aparently in the past I was playing on RetroWoW, so I am now just doing that. I rolled Zuldria on there and interesting how I automatically was started at level 60. It seems that all the players here are raiding or pvping, but I farmed up the recipe to cook deviate fish and I'll just continue to fish for more deviate fish. I am making about 190 gold off of each 20 stack I sell lol. I am glad I decided to actually give this older Dell pc a chance but it is not best, but it is doing just fine for what I wanted to do with it. That is play WoW and run Visual Studio Code. :)

Some kind of productive

Monday, October 26th 2020

I still haven't corrected the situation with my computer, but I am using the ton of time I now have to make money with what little I have. Doing surveys and playing games on my phone that I can cashout to my paypal business account to then transfer that to my bank account where I can farn the interest. I have no need to spend any of my money so I will just save up and maybe build myself a more suitable pc that I may use for my programming and gaming needs, but for now I am fine with what little I have to work with.

Well that sucks!

Friday, October 9th 2020

So my computer is having trouble charging the battery so basically I am just stuck with editing my website using my phone. I'm not going to say it's easy, but it could be a lot worse. I'm not even sure if it is the battery that is a problem or if it is the computer itself, but it is what it is though it does suck and I'll have to manage to find something else to focus on for now.

Rest in Peace Zuldria

Thursday September 10th 2020

It's not that she actually died, but rather I am kind of bored playing a priest and I decided to retire her. For now I will be playing an Undead Affliction specced Warlock named "Swim". Yea I will still be fishing and having "Abanker" auction all the stacks of Savory Deviate Delights I cook. There won't be any needing to get used to it as a few years ago I was playing an affliction warlock and I loved the hell outta it, but then reality happened and I had to discontinue playing few a year or two, but I'm not gonna go into detail on that.

My New Home

Wednesday, September 2nd 2020

I am excited to announce that I have moved Pokamajig to a new host CandyRain that provides me with cPanel and only askes of me to link back which is not a problem at all and that right there has motivated me to focus more on the projects I have been wanting to write and that excites me.

Some Kind of Friendly

Wednesday, July 22nd 2020

Meh so this post is going to be rather short as there is not much details to really add to it and at the same time I put very little effort into actually thinking and constructing this in my head prior to starting this post. but I can come back to it and add details as need be I guess.

Mkay so yea I'm rather excited as Zuldria has made a new friend. A level 20 Blood Elf mage specializing with fire of whom goes by the name of taxonomies, she's super friendly. I met her at The Crossroads in The Barrens and we spent some time together and I took her around kalimdor and the eastern kingdoms so she could get all the flight paths.

Why I am so excited though is I met one person which introduced me to four of her friends so yea! I has five new friends Taxonomies, Kaleido, Krakenblauz, Perkelt, and Reyi and they are quite nice. :)

Just FYI

Monday, July 20th 2020

"Pokamajig" was not originally intended to be a blog page, but shit happens and things didn't work out like I intended for them to, but that is not really a big deal. I have to basically handle that situation all by myself as my partner is no longer interested in this idea. Pokamajig was originally supposed to be a game where people would poke each other and the more they poked the more experience that gained, though that is a really simple way to explain it. I don't want to go into details about it until I get closer to finishing that project, it might be a while...

Emergency Room Visit

Sunday, June 28th 2020

So there I was taking out the garbage yesterday and I go to the outdoor garbage container and notice it getting about its about time to take that shit to the dump. I tie up the garbage bag from the kitchen and drop it on top of the trash in the container and push down on it. That became a problem as there was an aluminum can top inside of the trash bag and as I push down on it, I was pushing that can top into my meat of my left hand just below my thumb. There was no pain at first I only noticed it when I when to wash my hands and has I did I began to bleed a lot and has the cut opened that is when the pain hit me. It is rather deep of a cut and i ended up in the emergency room to get stitches as a bandaid would not work in this situation. All in all I am fine, though my left hand is wrapped up

Productively Hot

Monday, June 8th 2020

Mkay so I woke up to an alarm I set for myself at six in the morning to wake up and start mowing my yard. I figuring I would take advantage of the cool tempature before the heat takes over as I was push mowing rather than using my fathers riding lawn mower. It did feel cool but it eventually became quite warm though my mission was accomplished around ten. Sadly my back it killing me though I have taken something to ease the pain. :)

Eventually I sat at my computer and started to fish as I generally always do when I started to hear the sounds of a lawn mower and I started to think negatively about that, so I walked down stairs and looked out the window to see it's my next door neighbor mowing his yard. I thought to myself "Hmmm perhaps me mowing encouraged him to mow his lawn as that lawn hardly ever gets mowed and is kind of a joke in my house. So I figured "Hey he's mowing that's awesome I'll take him a bottle of water" as I could tell he had already mowed a large portion of his hard. So I walk up to him and hold the bottle out to him and he stops the mower. I tell him it's just water, but he says "No thank you, I have water inside, but thank you." I told him you are welcome and came back inside where I started to type this entry. I am glad he is actually mowing cause having a refreshly mowed lawn next to a lawn that hasn't been mowed in quite a quite a while just looks like shit, but anyways that is all for now. KthxBai!

So There I was...

Monday, May 25th 2020

I seem to have trouble actually taking time to proofread not just my posts but also chat conversations. Most of the time I am realizing my errors and correcting them afterwards and that is annoying the piss outta me as it makes me appear to be in a rush even though I am not. Speaking of being in a rush though my coffee just now finished brewing. :) Omnom Black is best! Just sayin.

I Might Exist

Saturday, May 23rd 2020

Yup I still exist and I am still playing with Zuldria just fishing basically. I'm still sober and it sucks, but it's what ever I guess. Nothing much has really changed in my life as of late. I guess I suck at life, what ever! Oh and I received the Loremaster achievement. I'm proud of that shit!

Edit So there I was fishing in Winterspring and an Orc comes up to me and says "Wow", So I question him and he replies "Never expected to find someone fishing here.. looking like they planned this for weeks." So I responded back "fishing is basically all i do ".

Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza

Sunday, December 24th 2017

Today I am quite excited to be participating in the weekly fishing contest held in Stranglethorn Vale. Hoping it works out in my favor as I would like to get the Arcanite Fishing Pole. I really enjoy fishing in World of Warcraft, I find it quite fun and relaxing. :)

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